The proposed itinerary includes a DAY TRIP TO CHEFCHAOUEN BLUE PEARL FROM FES, a renowned destination sometimes referred to as the “Blue Pearl.” The excursion is scheduled to begin with an early morning departure from the hotel. Travellers will embark on a journey to the renowned city of Chefchaouen, located in the Rif Mountains of Morocco. This expedition will be facilitated by a knowledgeable guide who is fluent in English, ensuring effective communication during the trip. 

The mode of transportation will be a well-appointed van equipped with air-conditioning, providing a comfortable and pleasant travel experience. Upon arrival, visitors have the opportunity to explore the captivating mediaeval medina of Chefchaouen, renowned for its labyrinthine lanes adorned with buildings painted in shades of blue and white. 

Additionally, one can partake in the quintessential experience of visiting the town’s delightful cafés, which are emblematic of its unique ambiance. Take pleasure in the leisurely exploration of the town’s historic area, distinctive architecture, and tranquil ambiance. Following an enriching day in Chefchaouen, the trip will culminate with a convenient transport service that will safely return you to your accommodation in Fes.


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Embark on a day excursion from Fes to the scenic and idiosyncratic town of Chefchaouen, situated in the Rif Mountains and sometimes referred to as Chaouen. The journey starts with an early morning departure from the hotel in Fes, whereby participants will be transported in a well-appointed air-conditioned van, accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

Chefchaouen, renowned for its distinctive blue-painted architecture, is situated in the northeastern region of Morocco in close proximity to Tangier City, making it an essential and highly recommended tourist destination. Upon arrival, visitors are encouraged to engage in a leisurely promenade about the old medina, characterised by its labyrinthine alleyways and captivating architectural structures adorned with whitewashed and bluewashed facades.

One might consider visiting local markets in order to get exclusive artisanal goods and souvenirs that are only available inside the borders of Morocco. Make a visit to Plaza Uta Elhamam, an aesthetically pleasing plaza that has an array of dining establishments and coffee shops. 

Additionally, this location is home to the renowned Kasbah, a fortified stronghold with an exquisite garden that has undergone recent restoration efforts. Furthermore, the Grande Mosque, a structure erected in the 15th century under the supervision of Ali ben Rachid’s offspring, can also be found within this vicinity.

In addition to its cultural importance, Chefchaouen has great appeal for photographers. The location provides breathtaking vistas of the Rif Mountains and highlights a multitude of distinctive cultural customs exclusive to Morocco.

Upon concluding a day of exploration in the captivating blue city, you will be transported to your accommodation in Fes. Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to independently delve further into the many attractions and auditory experiences offered by this lively Moroccan city.

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